Meagan Kalmoe and Seth Wheel

Your Athletes

Your Athletes

Megan Kalmoe – 2 time Olympian, 6 time National Team, 2014 USRowing Female Athlete of the Year 

Starting out on the Team as a young athlete is about survival and doing whatever it takes to make it; staying on the Team for more than a season or two takes calculated and long-term planning and investment in your goals and performance.

The same is true for the financial support of our National Teams. As a veteran athlete on the Team, I recognize the importance of training and planning for performance not just harder, but also smarter. By supporting the NRF, you have allowed us to make calculated investments in our athletes that will allow us to compete with the top rowing nations in the world. We are able to travel, race and train with the very best coaches, equipment and resources, but only through the help of the NRF.

I am in my ninth season training with the US National Team, and with each passing year I have become more aware of how crucial it is for our Team to have the support of the NRF, and of donors like you. We have an unbelievably talented group of young women that have come in to the Training Center in the past two years, and who will be taking over the Team when it’s time for veterans like myself to move on from National Team competition. With your continued support and investments in their success, we can help them to continue to redefine what it means to be a part of the best women’s rowing team in the world in 2015, 2016 and beyond.

Grant James – silver and bronze medalist in the Men’s Senior 4-

Thank you to the NRF for all your support.  All the help you do for us is amazing.  We could not be competitive without you.  Thanks to each and every one, from the donors to those who make the NRF run smoothly.

At the international level every detail becomes very important especially as we point for the Olympics in Rio.  All of our competitors are big and fast so the support the NRF provides in funding our training, enabling biomechanics assessment, great coaching, trainers and more count for speed on the water.

The MNRF’s support builds confidence knowing our team can travel to international competitions and have the proper equipment when we get there.  Dedication and generosity cannot even begin to describe the NRF but it is these things that have made the difference in winning America medals.

Henrik Rummell – Bronze, 2012 Olympics Gold, 2013 World Cup III Bronze, 2013 World Championship

“Although the bronze medal won at the London Olympics was the greatest experience of my life, I have returned with renewed vigor and determination to take on the Dutch and the Aussies and win gold in Rio. To meet on equal terms we will need to close the funding gap between the US and our competitors.”

Kate BertkoSilver, 2013 World Cup III
 Silver, 2013 World Championships

“Having won silver medals at this year’s World Cup 
and World Championships, Kristin Hedstrom and I are training hard at CRC in Oakland with our goal set on winning gold for the US in the lightweight double in Rio. We are committed to make each practice and race over the next three years ever stronger faster.”

Will DalyGold, 2008 World Championships

I have been rowing for 16 years and over half of that has been on the National team.  I have participated in U23, non-Olympic and Olympic class boats on the Senior Team. Rowing has taken me all around the world and allowed me to make friends that I would never have met if my life had taken another path.  Rowing has proved to be challenging, both mentally and physically, but also very rewarding.

After going through two Olympic cycles it was a big decision to continue rowing and try for another Olympic Team.  The decision was made both harder and easier after missing qualifying the LM2x at the qualification regatta.  It was very a big disappointment not being able to participate in the London Games, but I felt very confident that I hadn’t yet reached my peak.  I knew I couldn’t walk away from rowing satisfied and I wanted to see how much more I could improve.

My time on the US Rowing team has been greatly impacted by the work the NRF has done to support the team. The work the NRF has done has, among other things, allowed myself and the team to go to multiple World Cup races over the years, which has had a great impact on the success of the team.  Getting to be part of the group that won the points trophy for the first time in US history was very special last year and the NRF made that possible.