World Cup I Recap

08.05.2012 BY: National Rowing Foundation


Well, the first part of our journey is over. Once racing started, time just flew by. By the time we raced, cooled down, recovered properly and refueled, it felt like it was already time to get ready to race again. Our hotel was only about a ten-minute bus ride away, so our post race routines ran smoothly for the most part.

As far as the racing went, while I cannot speak for the other boats competing, I’d say it was a fairly successful weekend. I know I definitely learned a lot and am grateful to have had the opportunity to line up against some of the best in the world. Any chance to test yourself in fairly high pressure situations is always a plus. 
The conditions were quite speedy, the water was shallow and warm, and the wind definitely helped push things along. In the heats and semifinals, at least in our race, there was a bit of a wake issue. I do have to say my pair partner, Caroline, handled it really well in her calls, saying (as calmly as one can during an all out effort) “here’s a wake” and “another wake, on this one.” I felt better knowing I wasn’t going crazy, the water was actually moving us side to side. But, overall it was fine and the organizers of the event did do a really great job. Everyone was super friendly and everything seemed to run smoothly. And it was a really great venue to race at.
We got to sleep in, even though I never can, before boarding a bus to the airport. While I wasn’t anxious to endure another day of traveling, I am excited to see what this next step in the process holds. Believe it or not, there is still a lot of time before US boats are officially selected and then ultimately sent to London. Nothing is set in stone, so back to the grindstone!
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