Let The Games Begin

27.07.2012 BY: National Rowing Foundation

I can’t believe it all starts today. I remember when the year marker was a big deal, and then the 100-day mark and then the month mark. Wow, it really does go by fast!

Although most of Team USA has been here for about a week and a half, I still feel like we just got here. Things have definitely picked up since last I wrote. There are foreign athletes everywhere. The dining halls, especially in the morning, are crazy. There is literally no food left and the poor dining hall staff have to restock as quickly as possible for the inevitable late morning influx. The bus lines are also so busy that each time of departure needs at least two buses.  The LOCOG workers and volunteers are just awesome. They couldn’t be friendlier and are really on top of their game, even the guards say hello. The course has been packed as well, we had to wait awhile to do practice starts yesterday, but we got to race the Great Britain Men’s Quad and the Canadian Men’s Eight off the line, so we weren’t complaining. While there were quite a few things under construction at Eton Dorney Lake when we first arrived, you can’t tell now. The place is ready to rock and roll.

Due to the fact that racing begins tomorrow, no rowers will be walking in the Opening Ceremonies. This is common for those athletes who compete in the first week. Since we don’t have the opportunity to show off our official Opening Ceremonies outfit by Ralph Lauren, I think a bunch of us are planning to dress up tonight at dinner and while we watch the Ceremonies from our rooms. It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement surrounding such an incredible event, the palpable energy around everywhere you go and the many articles constantly popping up online. It makes sitting in your room difficult that’s for sure. However, there’s nowhere I’d rather be right now than getting ready to race. We are given very few chances to race internationally in our sport, so any opportunity whether it is at the Royal Henley or the Olympic Games, is a chance to see what you and your teammates are capable of.

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Thank you for your support of the NRF and here’s to fast American boats!!


Our annual college uni day photo:



Stretching and relaxing inside our USA tent:



Susan Francia and I holding one of the Olympic torches:



Thank You NRF!