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Ginny Gilder

Ginny Gilder

Why do I give to the NRF?

Rowing changed my life. Of course I became an athlete, but I also developed as a person, acquiring a deeper understanding of the power of dreaming and the effort and perseverance required to realize something seemingly impossible.

As much as I love rowing, that’s not why I give to the NRF.

Training to compete at the highest echelons of sport is hard enough. Uniquely, American athletes do not receive financial support from our government, leaving funding to private individuals and the athletes themselves. Training requires prodigious dedication, time, and energy. Access to this opportunity should be determined by boat-moving ability, not financial capacity.

Competing at the Olympic Games is an extraordinary experience for every athlete lucky enough to do so, but viewing the Games is an inspiring experience for the rest of us. Offering a vision of humanity we cannot afford to lose, this worldwide community event brings together people from all over the world and shows what’s possible when they bring their best.

Our world needs the Olympic Games. When I invest in American rowers, I contribute to that vital movement which unites us in our admiration of greatness, showcases our common humanity, and demonstrates the power to dream within all of us that can transform the world.

Ginny Gilder