Day Three in Munich

20.08.2011 BY: National Rowing Foundation

On thewomen’s side of things, we all left for Newark International Airport on Tuesday and got to the airport three hours ahead of time (per usual). Everyone got through check-in and security without any issues, although how is it that every time I travel somewhere I pack a ridiculous amount? I pledge to myself constantly, “ok, next time I will take only one bag and by God, that will be all I take.” Every time I fail. Jamie Redman, who is now a Premier member because she so efficiently recorded all her miles, always comes to my rescue and checks my second bag for me. This positive reinforcement is probably not helping my pledge…

We arrived in Munich some eight hours later and got to the hotel with no issues. However, Caroline and I, along with Martelli and Stesha, had to wait another hour to get our rooms. No biggie. We rigged and rowed in the afternoon and went for a swim in the lake. The water is gorgeous, nice and cool. It’s actually very trippy to be able to see the bottom of the lake for the entire 2k down. Definitely not the same as the murky waters of Lake Carnegie back in Princeton. The hotel is nice enough, even though the bathrooms are quite tiny. So far, we don’t have much to report because any down time we have is mandatory resting. Let’s just say a whole lot of movie watching and crossword puzzling is happening. The women’s team leaves on Monday for Bled and them men’s team leaves on Wednesday.

Until next time!



PS- Videos to come!