Bill Becklean NRF

Bill Becklean

Bill Becklean

In 1956 the Yale varsity eight won the Olympic Trials in early July and then (unbelievable, now), broke up and went home for summer vacation, as there were no funds to cover the cost of maintaining our fitness until the November Olympics in Australia.  Resuming training in mid-August, our loss in the first heat of the Olympics was our first race in five months.  Any surprise we lost?  Too bad that there wasn’t an NRF then, we could have used its help.

My mates and I have long been supporters of the NRF because we have wanted to ensure that our national teams would be fully prepared to represent the U.S.  We are pleased to know that NRF funds go directly to our most deserving athletes to make sure that they are fit and prepared to represent the best the U.S. has in international competition.

William “Bill” Becklean

Cox, 1956 U.S. Gold Medal 8