And Finally, the Finals

01.08.2012 BY: National Rowing Foundation

Today marks the start of the finals, when Olympic medals are won and lost. It’s amazing to think that this is it. You spend so much time training, traveling, preparing to race, racing in the heats or semis and thinking about what the final will be like. And then, before you know it, it’s time to line up against the best in the world. Not only is the final the most fun to race in, but it’s also the best to watch. So far there have been some really courageous and entertaining races, like the American W2X yesterday in the reps, wow! Today will surely be a good show. We have American boats in every A Final today, the Women’s Pair of Sarah Zelenka and Sara Hendershot, the Women’s Quad and the Men’s Eight. Our final, the Women’s 8+, isn’t until tomorrow afternoon, so for now more waiting and cheering on Team USA!

Whatever the outcome may be, it has been such an incredible experience so far. The sheer level of competition and professionalism shown in every event is something unique and a true first for me, a whole class above any World Championship. So, as our boat and others prepare for the last race of the Games, instead of feeling the weight of our own and others’ expectations, we plan to do what we’ve been waiting for, to simply race hard. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported any athlete at any point along the way. I was talking with my teammate Erin Cafaro the other day, and while this journey can be considered selfish and at times very lonely, it is our support groups that help us get through difficulties and achieve our best when it counts. It definitely is a group effort through and through.

Here we go! Go USA!