Excitement for Sochi

06.02.2014 BY: National Rowing Foundation

Growing up in a ski town in Colorado I started following the Winter Olympics before I ever had an interest in the Summer Olympics.  My first memories of the Winter Olympics are of watching Tommy Moe and Picabo Street compete in the Downhill.  My dreams of making the Olympics as a ski racer soon morphed in to wanting to make the Olympic Ice Hockey team.  Coincidently my ice hockey career ended the same year my rowing career began.

IMG_2249-2 IMG_2235

Rowing took over my Olympic dreams completely after watching the US Men’s Eight win gold in Athens.  While I hope to again compete in rowing at the Olympics in Rio in 2016, there is still a little part of me that wishes I were getting to fly down the downhill course with the likes of Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety, and Bode Miller.  I can’t wait to cheer them on in the coming weeks as they compete in the Sochi Olympics.

-Will Daly