Early Testing: Fall Speed Orders 2011

09.11.2011 BY: National Rowing Foundation

We’re eight weeks into the Olympic year and it’s already time for the first round of selection. First, it’s unbelievable to me that eight weeks have gone by. It feels like I was flying home from Bled just yesterday, antsy for the training cycle to begin. This fall, while challenging at times for everyone in regards to injury, new technique and cold temperatures, we’ve logged some solid miles. But now it’s time to prove it. I’ve never raced in a fall speed order before, so I’m eager to see what it’s all about. I’m definitely looking forward to having more rowers around, just watching the Princeton Chase was a blast. Hopefully the weather will hold up and it won’t be too windy! Although I do like headwinds…

The West Coast Fall Speed Order starts tomorrow morning with a good ol’ 6k erg followed by a 6k on the water on Friday. HereĀ is the link to USRowing for more info and here is the RegattaCentral link to view entries.

The East Coast Fall Speed Order starts Saturday afternoon with a 6k erg test and then a 4.5k row (or however short you can make the course with the big turn) on Sunday morning. Here is the USRowing link and the RegattaCentral link forĀ entries.

In any case, should be an interesting next couple of days and help determine what’s in store these next couple of months for Team USA.

Check back for some video and interviews with national team members.

Until next time!