2015 World Rowing Championships – Behind the scenes #1

31.08.2015 BY: National Rowing Foundation

By, Will Daly, stroke of the USA LM4-

So racing has finally kicked off and the US is doing pretty well so far.  A few boats won their heats, a few boats came in second and all the boats are moving on. If you want to see the results and know how the progression works click here, the rest of this post is going to be about behind the scenes.  What are people talking about in the dining hall and what are people thinking about during this stressful week of racing.

If you were wondering what Glenn Ochal, bow seat of the men’s 4-, was thinking about this morning before going out and winning his heat I’ll tell.  It wasn’t rowing, well I am sure there was some rowing going on in there, but he was focused on the Eagles, the Philadelphia Eagles that is.  They had a preseason game yesterday and he knew everything that went down.  He and Cam Kiosoglous, coach of the lightweight men’s four and also an avid Eagles fan, could have talked for hours, but racing got in the way.

Tomorrow will bring more racing and some more insight into the US National Team.