U23 World Championships – Plovdiv Bulgaria

29.07.2015 BY: Will Daly

Plovdiv Bulgaria is an interesting and exciting place to race. It is hot and arid with the sun blazing down like southern California. Plovdiv is a great historic city with the ruins of a Roman amphitheater. If you decide to take a cab to the course rather than a bus your heart will be pounding and sweating like you had just finished your row, traffic signals seem to be more of a recommendation. The course itself is a gorgeous man-made racecourse surrounded by trees. Unlike almost all FISA courses there is a spectator bridge over the course, which make racing there very exciting, and you get a little extra push from the cheering there.

The US Team had an amazing performance in Plovdiv. With such a large contingent its hard to get into the details, but we will give you a run down with how each of the crews fared.

Austin Velte and Jim Sincavage won the E final of the lightweight men’s double

Helena Randle won the C final of the light weight women’s single.

Hector Formoso-Murias came in second in the C final of the lightweight men’s single.

Mary Carmack and Megan Goodman won the C final of the woman’s double

Ned Benning and Taylor Beach placed fourth in the C final of the men’s double.

Jennifer Sager and Kathryn Oram came in second in the C final of the women’s lightweight double.

Bridget Konttinen, Gabriela Purman, Olivia Jamrog, and Alexandra Coultrup ended up second in the B final in the women’s lightweight quad.

Michael Senf, Corey Brown, Andrew Kershaw, and Reid Cucci placed second in the B final of the lightweight men’s quad.

Women’s 4- win A Final Sarah Dougherty, Lizzy Youngling, Mia Croonquist, and Kendall Chase won gold in the women’s four.

Rielly Milne, Eric Benca, Oscar Golberg, William Spencer, and Samuel Pettet placed in sixth in the A final.

Alexander Bonorris and Jordan Volpe-Tewsbury finished fourth in the A final.

Georgia Ratcliff and Jessica Eiffert won gold in the women’s pair.

Kendall Brewer, Meghan Wheeler, Erin Briggs, and Sam Casto end in fourth in the A final of the women’s quad

Kyle Flagg, Tim Tracey, Julian Hagberg, and John Carroll rowed the men’s four without to a fourth place finish in the A final.

Kevin Bielawski and Stuart Maeder finished fifth in the B final.

Ian Klein, Samuel Ward, Jacob Ford, and Marco Bustamante Nadeau placed sixth in the lightweight men’s four.

Benjamin Davison won the B final of the men’s single.

Mary Ann McNulty placed fourth in the B final.

Women’s 8+ third A final Colette Lucas-Conwell, Kendall Chase, Georgia Ratcliff, Sarah Dougherty, Lizzy Youngling, Mia Croonquist, Alex Spaulding, Erin Reelick, and Jessica Eiffert won a bronze medal in the women’s eight.

Men’s 8+ second A final Louis Lombardi, Dara Alizadeh, Hunter Leeming, Justin Murphy, Max Meyer Bosse, Gregory Davis, Jordan Vanderstoep, Kaess Smit, and Thomas Meeks won a silver medal in the men’s eight.

We applaud the great performances from all the US crews; we look forward to seeing what these athletes do in the future.